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  • New School of Cooking

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    New School of Cooking in Culver City, California, has cooking classes designed to suit students regardless of their level of cooking skills, whether you are looking to embark on a career in the food industry, or want to improve on your existing skills, or just want to become a serious home chef. Our classes range from part time cooking and baking classes, recreational cooking classes and daytime, evening or weekend classes. Students will find our experienced chef instructors to be most approachable, and will benefit from their cooking experience. Students will discover that our recreational cooking and baking classes at New School of Cooking in Culver City are beneficial, informative and above all, fun.

  • Fig Cooking School

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    Fig Cooking School in Hamden, Connecticut, was established in 2009, and offers a wide variety of interesting, hands-on cooking classes in their well equipped and laid-out kitchen. Our cooking classes cover numerous cuisines and we also offer themed cooking classes such as girls night out, bistro dinners and more. At Fig Cooking School our aim is that all students have fun while they are learning new skills, and we believe that cooking classes are also an ideal way of forming new friendships. Fig Cooking School is an excellent venue for hosting private parties, team building events and other occasions that are unique, exciting and above all, filled with laughter and fun.

  • Sprout Cooking Classes

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    Sprout Cooking Classes in Adelaide, South Australia believe in structing cooking classes to suit you, your health and your lifestyle, and therefore they ensure that all recipes are nutritional and healthy, and will slot in with the cooking abilities and budgets of students. All our classes at Sprout Cooking Classes are hands-on and interactive, and all your nutrition or diet-related questions will be answered by Themis, our practicing dietitian, at the end of a class when you have an opportunity to enjoy the meal prepared by you, the student. If you have thought about becoming a vegetarian, or understand the importance of including more vegetables in your diet, then you will derive great benefit and pleasure from our cooking classes, and appreciate the great vegetarian recipes and tips on nutrition which you will receive. Our passion at Sprout Cooking Classes is to educate people in the art of preparing healthy and tasty meals, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • In Home Cooking Lesson

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    In Home Cooking Lesson in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, offers cooking classes that will have you impressing family and friends with your cooking skills with our quick, one week lessons. Learn how to prepare and cook filet mignon, Asian vegetables, bacon wrapped sweet potatoes, creme brule, and a host of other delightful and tasty dishes. With cooking classes from In Home Cooking Lesson you will receive customized instruction that covers basic cooking to more difficult cooking. Our cooking classes are conducted in your home or our location, and include ingredients, cookbook, cooking tools and drinks and at the end of your classes you will be equipped to prepare gourmet meals at home.

  • Lucy Cooks

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    Lucy Cooks is a unique and fantastic cookery school situated in Staveley, Cumbria, The Lake District, and offers students a wide selection of cooking classes, regardless of age. We consider Lucy Cooks to be not just a cookery school, but a place where students can be inspired, can meet new aspiring and enthusiastic cooks, and be given the confidence to enhance their cooking skills. Our passion is to present an exciting selection of cooking classes enabling you to impress your friends, at your next dinner party. Each of our cooking classes are designed to give you bright, new ideas and tips on cooking as well as handy time saving methods which will enhance your cooking. The cooking areas at Lucy Cooks have been designed to be practical and user-friendly, with creative cooking spaces that are light and airy. At Lucy Cooks we value time spent with family, and offer family fun days, or mums and sons, and dads and daughters cooking classes, and have been amazed at how many families really enjoyed spending a fun day together, away from the pressures of daily life.

  • South Bay School of Cooking

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    Everyday cooking does not have to be a chore, and learning to cook impressive, healthy, delicious meals need not take years of hard work. South Bay School of Cooking in Manhattan Bay will show you the right way to cook.

  • Matters of Taste

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    Matters of Taste in Bicton Western Australia offers cooking classes which are relaxed and fun, and offers a welcoming and interesting approach to cooking. Our highly skilled tutors will teach you to create an amazing selection of dishes, and at the same time increase your kitchen techiques and skills. Our classes are limited to a maximum of 18 students, and offers a fantastic opportunity to increase your cooking experience in a hands-on way, surrounded by like minded people. Students will enjoy the fun and social environment in which classes are conducted. Matters of Taste has a number of cooking classes to choose from, whether it's pastry making, creating your own recipes or making a stunning, tasty curry from scratch without resorting to commercial pre-mixed jars and packets. You will be amazed how easy it is to make a really good pastry at home, and after one of our classes you will feel confident enough to attempt it in the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Ayesha's Kitchen

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    Ayesha's Kitchen in Miami, USA, offers students an Indian cooking class which is not only unique, but also delicious. Discover the delicious flavours of Indian cooking as you make dishes that are quick and easy to prepare and also healthy, and all ingredients are readily available. Classes begin with an introduction to the various spices and their benefits in cooking, and because classes are kept small it creates a homely atmosphere and students are able to interact freely. At the end of the class students enjoy a sit-down meal in a beautiful setting, and get to taste everything they have prepared. For novice cooks who are not familiar with Indian cuisine, Ayesha's Kitchen offers private, hands-on classes where everything is explained in detail, these classes are also beneficial to students who are proficient in Indian cooking. Cooking classes at Ayesha's Kitchen are fun and interesting and the cuisine absolutely scrumptious, these are cooking classes not to be missed.

  • Societe Gourmet Cooking Classes

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    Societe Gourmet Cooking Classes in Bucharest, Romania, runs exciting cooking classes for adults and children that are not merely demonstrations, but where participants get to cook in a well equipped and creative kitchen. Whether you are passionate about cooking, a seasoned chef or wanting a new hobby, at Societe Gourmet Cooking Classes our creative and professional team will reveal many techniques and treats that will have you cooking like a gourmet chef at the end of your classes. Each of our cooking classes have a different theme and menu, and we endeavour to use local ingredients wherever possible. At the end of the cooking classes, budding chefs share a meal together and enjoy a fine Romanian wine that has been selected by the chef.

  • Bahamas Food Adventures

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    Bahamas Food Adventures in Nassau, Bahamas, invites you to join them for fully hands on cooking classes that are fun and informative. Cooking classes are held at a beautiful beach side location for a maximum of 6 people who will each have their own personal cooking station and they will learn about cooking customs and age old superstitions of Bahamia. Experienced Bahamian chefs and instructors will conduct cooking classes, and participants will create 3 dishes and be given home recipe cards in the hope that when you use the recipe, you will think back to cooking on the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters as you fondly recall a memorable vacation. A culinary tour with Bahamas Food Adventures will take you to the best eating places, fun things to do in Nassau, and not forgetting the fun cooking classes.